The rising of the shield hero

I watched episode 6 of this anime today. Coincidentally, this is the day I decided to make this blog; I had the idea for about a week previously. This is perhaps my favorite anime at the moment. There’s something about watching someone get completely fucked over, but not give up and push forward. This anime, more so that any other I’ve watched, really makes you feel emotionally invested. In episode 4, where Naofumi duels the spear hero, I actually got angry when they cheated. The princess blasts Naofumi with air and makes him lose. No one is on his side and everyone is against him; however, because everyone is against him, there is a sense of catharsis when he succeeds. I also like Naofumi’s very real reaction to being betrayed. He grows angry and cold, deep down he isn’t, but that’s how he presents himself to the world. I’m always excited to see the new episode every Wednesday and will review each new episode.

That being said, episode 6 was better than okay today. It seemed like more of a filler episode because they had to get the bird-girl clothes that don’t rip like the hulk. I did like the teamwork at the end where they kill the lion-snake. I didn’t realize the bird-girl would be such a good fighter, she straight up kicked the lion in the head and shattered his skull. I’ll be looking forward to see how the three of them coordinate in future episodes.

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