The Autobiography of Gucci Mane

I finished this autobiography last night, while I was at the gym. I thought it was pretty good. I love Gucci’s music and think he is very talented. It was very interesting to hear that at first, he didn’t have any intention of rapping and thought it was lame. It was also very interesting that Waka Flocka had no intentions to rap. Gucci’s friend looked at Waka and said he could be a star. I wonder if he has real talent, or if his career is a product of the environment he was placed in. The funniest part of the book was when Gucci met Rick Ross. The first thing he said to Gucci was something like, “If I were you, on every song I’d say I killed a nigga and got away with it.” Rick Ross, the marketing genius. I was also surprised to hear that Gucci drank lean for ten years. Honestly, it sounds like prison was what Gucci needed to turn his life around. He made it sound like he didn’t remember much of his life and made most of his music high. He did make the song Heavy sober, which coincidentally is one of my favorites. The final thing I learned is that holy fuck drug dealers make a lot of money. When he was dealing, he said he spent $40,000 on a chain. How much money was he making if he could spend that much on a necklace? Oh, I was also surprised at how much these guys charged for a verse on a song. Gucci said Plies wanted $40,000 for his verse on the song Wasted. Drug dealing and music make a lot of money.

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