Harley Poe’s Lost Soul

Harley Poe is a folk-punk band. They are incredible. Their music touches and resonates with my soul, especially their latest album, Lost and Losing It. The majority of this album discusses his feelings after his wife cheated on him. I was not cheated on, but I did go through a break-up. I had heard this album before the break-up happened and liked it. But, after the break-up, I gained a profound appreciation for this music. It basically described everything I was feeling – except Harley Poe was feeling it more intensely. I will probably go through all the songs on the album at some point, but right now, I started thinking about one line on the song Lost Soul, as I’m in a philosophical, pondering mood.

He says, “Look at me God, oh…I’m just a man, why should you pay any mind.” I love this line because it makes his suffering significant, yet insignificant. He’s in so much pain he feels as though God should acknowledge him, but he knows he’s just one of 7 billion people, and his suffering is not significant at all. This brings on a sense of Stoicism. The universe is indifferent to our suffering, but we must deal with it on our own and overcome.

I also love the chorus, “I’m just a lost soul, struggling in your world…Hold me in your arms, don’t let me go…I’m just a lost soul, struggling in your world…I seek the answers I’m not sure that I’m allowed to know.” This has existential/absurdist themes. We all look for meaning in the universe, but there is no inherent meaning, so it’s a problem. Camus and Sartre teach us that our lives can have meaning if we give it meaning. No purpose is going to be divinely delivered, it is up to every individual to find what is meaningful to them and give their life purpose. We are responsible for our own fulfillment and every individual is free to do this – maybe this is why it’s so scary. This is exactly why he is a lost soul, because he has no meaning, but he is trying – and that’s noble in itself. Finally, this short chorus also touches upon our need for human interaction and affection. This song really speaks to me and I never get tired of listening to it.

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