Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Ep.1-2

I just watched the first two episodes of this anime. Overall, I’m quite pleased with it. The main character was in his world on the street, and in the next second he’s in the magical world. No explanation and it happened instantly – I like it. Not everything needs to be explained. His time-leap power is interesting and I’m curious to see how the time travel angle will play throughout the anime. So far I’ve enjoyed the world that’s been created. There’s magic, demi-humans, poverty, and warring factions. I also like the protagonist. I like that he can actually fight and is not completely helpless. He beat the fuck out of those three guys in the alley. He knocked the big guy out with one punch. On the topic of fighting, it’s good in this anime. It’s fluid and makes use of the environment, which is interesting. The first big fight is in the bar. I loved seeing the big guy swinging the club all around and smashing the tables. I also loved that the woman killed him with the broken milk bottle she was sipping before. The second fight is when the protagonist fights Felt. Again, fluid fight with good dodging. I liked how he used the table of the ground to block her attacks with the sword. All in all: good fighting, good world-building, and a decent protagonist.

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