Sword Art Online: Alicization

I started watching this today because I was bored. I know SOA is not that good. I liked the first season, but stopped watching during the gun game arc. I just finished episode 10. What I do like about this anime is that the colors really pop. They are bright and aesthetic to look at, overall very pleasing. The fighting leaves something to be desired. It’s not great. Every fight so far has been a couple swing of the sword, with no real coordination or fluid movement. Put simply, the fighting is boring. Also, the whole power of imagination thing they have going on is kind of silly. But I guess that’s anime. It’s funny, a lot of anime have elements like SOA’s imagination angle – like the power of friendship will overcome all. It’s ironic that the best animes don’t indulge in these themes. You don’t see Steins Gate or Made in Abyss doing anything remotely “anime-like.”

I love the real-world to video game animes like Overlord and The Rising of the Shield Hero. Although SOA is not good, it is watchable; however, I did enjoy episode 10. I enjoyed seeing Eugeo overcome the Taboo and develop his own moral system and values. He has reached the final stage of Kohlberg’s moral development. Also, again the idea of words vs violence arises. Eugeo wanted the two nobles to stop, but they continued on and were about to rape the girls. When words do not have the desired effect, violence ensues because it will have the desired effect. An interesting episode touching on the topics of power, authority, and morality.  The noble’s authority did not matter in the face of violence and power.  The nobles’ law says it’s okay to rape the two girls as punishment; however, even though it’s accepted as law, Eugeo’s personal ethics deem it wrong. Also, notice the change in color while they’re all in the bedroom. It’s extremely dark. A fitting environment for the scene and it’s violence. Developing one’s own values is also a concept from Nietzsche. He said that people that did this are the leaders of society. No wonder why it’s shown at the end of the episode that Alice became an Integrity Knight.

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