Mob Psycho 100 II Ep. 7

Mob Psycho had been boring me a little bit. I guess I didn’t want to see Mob fight dumbass spirits like the dragger and the one possessing the girl. I want to see him fight other espers and learn more about the organization from last season. That being said, this episode was anything but boring. It was best episode of the season so far. Jodo pulled some 4D chess shit on Reigen. Pretty funny how petty that old guy is. I think everyone can relate to Reigen’s, “I want to be somebody.” It’s ironic that him being somebody is dependent on another somebody. Also ironically, Jodo inadvertently was the catalyst for his self-reflection, growth, and reconciliation with Mob. If he had kept gaining more success, he wouldn’t have been in the situation he was in, where he reflected and finally acknowledged Mob. I think Reigen is one of the most interesting characters in the show. He has a natural charisma about him. Mob and Reigen share a bond. Reigen, overtime, has become his mentor. Mob is an introvert, so he does not make a lot of friends. The ones he does have are special, so Reigen is obviously important to him. Presumably, Mob heard Reigen’s recognition/apology and made the cameras float, which was also his birthday present.

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