Akame ga Kill!

I really enjoyed this anime. It had a good story and there was downtime when it came to fighting. Seriously, they were always fighting – which is good because people want to see fights in an action anime. Probably my favorite thing about it is that the members of Night Raid periodically died during the rebellion. They were willing to sacrifice – the price of freedom is not free. They knew what they were risking and accepted it. Yes, it was hard, but they did it nonetheless. I don’t think everyone, except Akame, needed to die. I definitely wasn’t expecting Tatsumi to die, since he’s kind of the main character.

I was hoping Tatsumi would evolve Incursio while he was wearing it. It was cool to see him to just that. Also, was cool to see that Akame’s sword had a hidden power. If it hadn’t it would’ve been the lamest Teigu. You have a teleporting Teigu, and Akame’s is just a sword with poison. My favorite Teigus were the biological ones, Koro and Susanoo, and Akame’s sister’s sword. I also liked Incursio, but Grand Chariot did look cooler. Oh, the lamest Teigu was the giant pair of scissors.

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