The rising of the shield hero Ep. 7

Another filler type episode. That being said, it wasn’t bad or boring. I actually liked. This is definitely the best anime airing right now. I enjoyed seeing the teamwork exhibited by everyone. Even though it was an okay episode, there’s really nothing to examine or think about. The main thing about the episode is that it shows that they are becoming a family – evidenced by Filo calling Raphtalia Onee-chan. Hopefully Naofumi makes some cool shit with the expensive hammer. It must be enchanted or something; it’s expensive and it’s basically a stick.

I just thought about the disparity between Naofumi and the other heroes. The sword one was said to be fighting dragons, while Naofumi is fighting a big plant. They have the good weapons, but Naofumi must also make money while he levels up. I wonder just how much farther everyone is going to be compared to him, the next time they meet up. Although they’re ahead of him, Naofumi makes up for it with his intelligence, shown in his fight with the spear hero. I can’t wait to see the secret behind the shield. When he lost to the spear hero, black smoke was leaking and we’ve seen that shield on the intro. Finally, the intro to this anime is pretty good. I’m not sure about the rapping portion, but I enjoy the singing.

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