Akatsuki no Yona Ep. 11 Quote

Hak says, “I don’t want her to fight. However, I’m conflicted, because I also want to watch her struggle like a human being.” i think this is a pretty beautiful quote. Hak can either shield the princess forever and not allow he to grow, or he can allow he to struggle and grow. I’ve thought this for a few years now. Suffering and strife are tools to grow. We learn the most through hardship. Pain is also what breeds the best art. Humans must suffer in order to grow and create. It’s just the way it is. Obviously no one wants to suffer, but it’s unavoidable. And because it’s unavoidable, one might as well use it to develop as a person. This idea is present in many different medias such as anime, music, and literature. I think it’s undeniably true. We must suffer, but it’s up to us whether we break or become stronger.

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