The rising of the shield hero Ep. 8

Well, better episode than the last two; however, I wasn’t super excited by it. Yes, we got to see the cursed shield, but it was so much less dramatic than last time. The writing covering his body was cool, but the shield itself was kind of lame. Maybe it wasn’t lame. I guess I just expected something better – that’s the problem, I let expectations ruin the actuality.

So the cursed shield can give power. The first question is, how did that come to be? Why is this hero’s weapon have a cursed form? Why does one need to lose themselves in a sea of hate, in order to achieve it? My first thought was that all the previous shield hero’s before him have also been discriminated against. Maybe all that pain and hatred has warped what the shield once was and meant to be. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see it appear again, hopefully against the spear hero.

Final thought, Naofumi is the only competent hero. You think the sword hero is doing good, killing a dragon, but then you realize he fucked it up even more. Killed the dragon, then left the village to a plague. And who has to clean up his mess? Naofumi.

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