The Promised Neverland Ep.8

Best episode so far. The last two episodes were, somehow, on the border of boring and interesting. This episode was so good because it tore down the veil. There is no more acting on Mom’s part, or the kids. They can finally communicate truthfully with one another, not in fragmented lies.

This episode also reminded me of The Matrix. The children are not happy with living a lie. They would rather live a truthful life, full of suffering. Well, I guess it reminds me of any dystopian story – it also reminds me of Brave New World.

I wonder what Grandma’s end goals are, if Isabella is just one of her pawns. Also, who is this special demon that gets to eat the best goods ever produced? I think it’s apparent that Isabella feels no emotion for these children, or she does, and knows something we don’t. Maybe it’s impossible for these kids to live a life after escaping, and we don’t know that, but Isabella does.

Finally, Isabella breaking Emma’s leg. A show of power. Isabella is letting them know she is the authority. There is no more defying her. The veil is dropped and she will now oppose them fully.

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