The Promised Neverland Ep. 9

He ran up the fucking wall. God that is so dumb.

Besides that, I rather liked this episode. I thought it was a beautiful display of determination, resolve, and the bonds they all share. The theme of Illusion vs Reality popped into my head – Mom wants them to pretend to be a family, but the children are really just waiting to die and be eaten.

The other interesting thing about this episode was Norman’s facial expressions. He seemed angry, or even evil, before he went back to Emma; however, he completely wiped it off his face. It makes me wonder if he has a darker side that he keeps hidden from everyone. It seems Norman is a more complex character than what we’ve been lead to believe.

Finally, that feeling of utter defeat Norman experienced at the end. Put yourself in his shoes. It’s hard to imagine what that would even feel like. There is no escape, and he believes he’s going to die the next day. Maybe it feels like drowning, only you know you’re caged in a box, and there’s no way to resurface.

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