Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography

I finished this autobiography at least two weeks ago, but I’ve been too fucking lazy. Well, I’m here now.

Pretty enjoyable book to listen to. The most memorable scene was when he was a kid, and another kid tried to cheat him at marbles. The kid picked up the marbles and tried to run away. He chased him down, jumped on his fucking back, and started choking him. He almost fucking killed him.

The most memorable quote/idea was that he said something like, “Money doesn’t make you happy, but it’s the closest to happy that I’ve ever been.” Albert Camus said in one of his books that you need money to be free of money. This is probably what Rick Ross means, in a sense.

Another memorable quote/idea was that he said he knows how fast money can come between friends. It’s a sad truth, but it’s reality. We, as humans, crave connection; however, we will throw it all away for money. But, philosophically it’s justified; for instance, if a friend stole from me, he would no longer be in my life. The act of stealing money gives him power over me. If I let him slight me, he not only gets away with the money, but perhaps more importantly power. Power which may be leveraged in future situations to my disadvantage, by a supposed friend. Most people probably don’t think this way about money. Maybe they understand it at a subconscious level, or they’re just greedy fucks.

Final things about the autobiography. It was fucking crazy to hear about the CIA flying in cocaine and selling it. Also, Rick Ross is pretty inspirational. He was a drug dealer in his past, there is no denying that. But now, he gives speeches to impoverished communities to speak to the youth and let them know there are other options than selling drugs. He wants to make up for all the harm he did by putting drugs in the streets. It’s a noble effort and I respect it.

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