The Rising of the shield hero Ep. 11-12

This anime continues to be my favorite. We see Naofumi take on the role of a leader. He hates interacting with the other heroes, but he puts that aside and tells them that they have to fight the wave together. He transcends his disdain and is able to look toward the greater good.

Naofumi also now has power. This is the first glimpse as to what the shield can actually do. We also know that the other weapons will have things like Iron Maiden.

Glass. This is one reason why this anime consistently delivers. Another layer of depth has been added, more mystery. I thought the waves were just monsters, now we have a sentient person. Glass also declares she will win. Win what? To win means you gain something. What does she want to gain? Who does she want to gain for? Why? Here’s another example of Naofumi as a leader, a smart one. He realizes he can’t beat her, so he runs. It takes skill to know when to retreat.

Naofumi in the throne room. I actually had this idea as soon as I saw iron maiden. He now has more power than every hero. Maybe Naofumi says fuck you Motoyasu and Myne and kills them. Awesome right? We finally get some catharsis from the built up anger we have at these characters (another reason this anime is so good; you can feel the emotions of Naofumi). But, now they are down a hero in the waves and commit to their defeat. So he can’t kill any of them. I did like how Naofumi thought the same idea when he threatens the king. I would’ve demanded he let me use the hourglass and level up, but I guess Naofumi wants nothing to do with them.

The assassination attempt on Melty. We can assume it’s her sister doing it. Some fucked up shit.

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