The Promised Neverland Ep. 10

Quite the complicated episode.

Emma: She is so damn annoying. She was going to destroy any hope of everyone escaping from the house, just because she can’t control her emotions. Emma runs on emotion; plans and strategies are executed through logic. It really frustrates me seeing Emma only say shit through emotion and zero logic.

Norman: Ah, the young, virtuous stoic. In the face of death, Norman remains calm and collected. He looks above himself toward the greater good. Norman is excellent.

Ray: His reaction to Norman leaving really reminds me of Camus and Absurdism. Ray deems life meaningless and gives up. By allowing himself to be eaten, he is effectively committing suicide. Camus says this is not the answer and that we must revolt. We must look a meaningless universe right in the eye and say fuck you – I will live even if it is all for nothing.

Mom and Emma: The opportunity to become a Mom – to live in an amoral world. Being a Mom means there is no good and evil, only survival. Emma rejects this idea, she lives for others.

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