The Promised Neverland Ep. 11-12

Episode 11: I don’t have too many thoughts on this episode. I’m glad that action has been finally taken. My favorite part of this episode was when Ray doused himself. The music entrance was phenomenal – perfect timing and sound. It would’ve been cool if they trapped Mom in the room on fire. When Mom turned around and saw Emma was missing, I really thought the double doors were about to close on her. I said to myself, “Trap the bitch in.”

Episode 12: Yeah again, not too much to say on this episode. It was interesting to learn that Ray is Mom’s biological son. Also, it was interesting that Mom also looked for freedom when she was a child. I’m glad that the kids got scared of the zipline at the end, it made it more realistic. I was thinking to myself, “Man, these kids are fucking fearless.”

Mom sold her soul for survival. Emma is risking hers for not only her survival, but her family as well. I’m glad she decided to leave some of the kids behind. I thought it was very naive of her to proclaim that she would rescue them all. Her decision also shows her progression as a leader. Even though she asked for the 4 year old’s choice, she still followed through with it. Emma will have to make more hard choices in the future because now they must navigate a cruel, unknown world.

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