The Rising of the Shield Hero Ep. 13

There is now a new intro. I did not like the music, but loved the cinematic. Everyone standing in a gray rain was especially awesome.

Again, this anime has the unique quality of making you pissed off. They try to kill the princess and frame Naofumi. He saves her. Now, they alter the footage and frame him for abduction. They also send all three heroes after him, with Myne leading the charge.

I was thinking throughout the episode that Naofumi is so virtuous. He has an unparalleled level of self-control. When words fail, violence ensues. Naofumi is long past words, but he still refuses to use violence. When he was cornered on the cliff, with Myne trying to kill him, a normal person would have fought. And if that person had a warrior spirit, he would have crushed them all. With the rage shield and iron maiden, Naofumi is stronger than every hero. If he had fought, he would win, and to lose means death.

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