Comparison is the thief of joy

To be honest, I do not think our brains are evolved enough for things like social media. There’s a reason social media makes people feel depressed. We cannot help ourselves, our brains are hard-wired to compare. We look at social media, see people with things we don’t have, and feel like shit about ourselves. We know those pictures are just one moment, we know their lives are not perfect; but even if we know all of this, we still inevitably feel like shit.

And here’s the thing, social media, and the like, is not going away. It’s apart of the modern world now. The modern world is going to turn into an empty, spiritual wasteland – if it’s not already. What happens when universal income becomes a thing? With the rise of AI it’s not a far off idea. AI is going to change the world in the coming century, it will be able to do anything. Humans will no longer have a place in society’s grand design. People will be given universal income and sit at home – and they will have no purpose, no meaning in their lives.

There is a beautiful play called Waiting for Godot. It showcases the pain of waiting (for meaning) in the world. It seems it will become humanity’s reality in the future. I think we still have meaning in today’s world, but we are experiencing it begin to drain away.

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