The Wolf of Wallstreet Autobiography

This is about the Wolf of Wallstreet – honestly, that’s the coolest fucking name ever. His real name is Jordan Belfort. It was really interesting to hear about his life and very entertaining. I listened to it in the gym and sometimes while driving. It really makes the time fly. I have one overall thought of his story. It is a miracle this man is alive. He was basically in a drug coma, and he did things like scuba dive and fly a helicopter while high. Another thing that was a miracle, was that his son is alive. His son was born with heart problems and at one point was diagnosed with meningitis, which turned out to be a contamination in the blood sample. Jordan Belfort’s life really seems to be nothing short of a miracle.

One final thing. When he goes to rehab (one mainly for doctors), he tells them that they are all blaming him for their problems and need to take responsibility. It seems like every successful person has this mentality. They have an internal locus of control and never give in to a victim’s mentality.

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