Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep. 5 Review

There were a few main things about this episode. It was said earlier that Tanjiro has empathy even for a demon. And we see that here with the morphed demon. I liked this because it’s not a demon’s fault for becoming a demon. Tanjiro knows this and that’s why he looks sad after killing the morphed demon. But, it also shows that Tanjiro knows his duty as a demon slayer, and he will not confuse empathy with weakness.

Second, the girl who passed the test is very mysterious. I cannot wait to learn more about here. She looks calm after this grueling test.

Finally, I want to know what a pitch black sword means. It’s ironic that Tanjiro is called a Child of Brightness and his sword is expected to be bright red, but it’s black. I’m very curious about this.

My video review on youtube can be found here.

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