My recent technology/old man moment

One of my favorite video games when I was younger was Dark Souls. I played it on the Xbox 360. A console that required you to sit down in front of your TV, inside your house. I knew that Dark Souls was remade and the remastered version came out, but what I didn’t know, is that the remastered version can be played on the Nintendo Switch. It blew my mind that Dark Souls could be played on a portable, hand-held device. I remember playing a Gameboy SP as a kid (que old man moment). Now kids can play Dark Souls on a Switch at the lunch-tables at school. The difference is very staggering, and it shows you how much technology advances. Imagine what technology will be like in another 20 years. William Wordsworth wrote the poem “The World Is Too Much With Us” in 1807. Imagine what he would think if he could see the world now.

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