Absurdism in Attack on Titan (Season 3 Part 2 Episode 10)

This is the episode that really clicked for me. Eren’s struggle in Attack on Titan parallels Camus’ absurdism. Eren is born into a world with Titans that meaninglessly eat people. On this episode we learn that another nation wants to destroy them just because they are Subjects of Ymir. A meaningless reason. So now Eren is put into a war where he must fight for freedom. That’s kind of what absurdism is about, you are in a war against feeling like nothing matters, but you cannot succumb to nihilism; you must fight for freedom by pursuing meaning. Camus says we must revolt. To my understanding, this means that we must never give in, and always struggle for meaning. Eren is in this exact situation. He could give up and not fight. He’s going to die in a few years due to his Titan power; however, Eren chooses to revolt and will fight for freedom until his dying breath. And that’s where the meaning in Eren’s life comes from. Pursuing his quest to shatter their oppressors and learn what true freedom is. It does not matter if he achieves this in his lifetime. It is the struggle itself that is meaningful.

Out of all the anime going on right now, I think Attack on Titan has the best world. I love Eren’s character as well. He now feels the exact same way as his father, and will fight for freedom. He has inherited his father’s ideals – this is tradition. Eren did not choose to be Grisha’s son and inherit this war, but here he is anyway. The world in this anime parallels many things in the real world. This anime also has many beautiful moments that are too plentiful to remember them all.

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