Undisputed Truth (Mike Tyson Autobiography)

The main thing I learned from this book is you would not want to be Mike Tyson, and money does not make you happy. He had unimaginable wealth, but he was miserable and an addict. The life he lived may seem glamorous from the outside, but it was very empty. And that’s what fuels the cycle. You feel empty, so you indulge in these vices to fill the void, but it drains away quickly and you are empty again – so you repeat the process. It’s a viscous cycle of momentary pleasure/relief and long-term sadness.

A couple quotes at the end of the book stood out (not exact wording)

  1. “Religion must be in the man, man cannot be in the religion.”
  2. “Man is meant to be humbled, not humble.”
  3. “Great people have big egos because they have grand visions for themselves.”

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