Shinchou Yuusha Ep 5 Review

Probably my favorite anime of the new season (besides Boku no Hero). I really like the humor in this anime. It is subtle and not blown out of proportion. It is obvious to me that Seiya is the only hero capable of liberating this S-Ranked world. His extreme caution, that verges on paranoia, is what has allowed him to beat the obstacles before him so far. The thing I found most interesting about episode 5 is when they go to buy torches. Seiya wants to buy 500, but Rista buys 5. Therefore, Seiya is 100 times more cautious than Rista. To me, this means that the S-Ranked world is out of Rista’s league by 100 times. I think this gives insight into just how difficult liberating this world will be.

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