That aha moment with music

I was listening to “I love you like an alcoholic” by The Taxpayers today. I’ve listened to this song quite a few times, but I heard a line and it just clicked when I heard it. This was the first time I truly understood what it meant, despite hearing it many times before. “I love […]

Absurdism in Attack on Titan (Season 3 Part 2 Episode 10)

This is the episode that really clicked for me. Eren’s struggle in Attack on Titan parallels Camus’ absurdism. Eren is born into a world with Titans that meaninglessly eat people. On this episode we learn that another nation wants to destroy them just because they are Subjects of Ymir. A meaningless reason. So now Eren […]

Undisputed Truth (Mike Tyson Autobiography)

The main thing I learned from this book is you would not want to be Mike Tyson, and money does not make you happy. He had unimaginable wealth, but he was miserable and an addict. The life he lived may seem glamorous from the outside, but it was very empty. And that’s what fuels the […]

Alexander The Great by Philip Freeman

It’s been a few weeks since I finished listening to this book, so I may not record everything important about it, but one thing stands out particularly. Alexander commissioned an artist to paint him. He did not like it and made the artist paint him again. The artist showed the first painting to Alexander’s horse, […]

My recent technology/old man moment

One of my favorite video games when I was younger was Dark Souls. I played it on the Xbox 360. A console that required you to sit down in front of your TV, inside your house. I knew that Dark Souls was remade and the remastered version came out, but what I didn’t know, is […]

Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep. 5 Review

There were a few main things about this episode. It was said earlier that Tanjiro has empathy even for a demon. And we see that here with the morphed demon. I liked this because it’s not a demon’s fault for becoming a demon. Tanjiro knows this and that’s why he looks sad after killing the […]